Am I Getting Better, Or Is He Getting Worse?

Comedy Central's been running The Blue Collar Comedy Tour and all of its offshoots a lot lately. Those offshoots include The Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again (or something like that) and specials with each of the stars of the tour. I actually find a lot of it pretty dang funny. You have to say 'dang', because it's all southern themed humour. I have to add the gratuitous 'u', because I spent a few years in the UK and it just flies off my keyboard.

I'm particularly keen on Ron White, probably because he goes through a full flask of whisky (I leave off the 'e' because I spent some time in Scotland) while he's on stage. I just like that. And there's something about his delivery and his stories that just appeals. One of my favorites punchlines is also the title of his book I Had the Right to Remain Silent...But I Didn't Have the Ability. It reflects an understanding of reality with which many reproductive rights advocates can identify.

Anyway, the point is, I actually had to mute him the last time I watched him each time he started to speak about his wife or ex-wife (who I believe are the same people). The gender stereotypes that pervaded his banter just rubbed me the wrong way and came off sounding a lot more like hate speech than like humour.

Am I becoming more attuned to how what we allow ourselves to listen to says about who we may allow ourselves to become, or am I just being overly sensitive?

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