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Recent Changes

10 October 1999
Once again, there are new photos. These include some from the EGP program in Geneva, one of me in London, and some changes to the GHP and friends photos. Significantly, I've also added a Zemurray page, so give some feedback on it! I cleaned up a judaica link, and touched up my resume. Ah, I hit the family email addresses as well. Plenty of work left.
19 April 1999
Again I've added new photos. I've also added another New Orleans trip to my travel page. Mara's email address is fixed. Finally, I updated the basic introduction page.
10-11 April 1999
Lots and lots of new photos. I reorganized the section a bit, adding a few new categories to prevent the old ones from getting too large. I also updated some email addresses on the family page.
17 August 1998
The photos section keeps on growing. This time I've added a shot to the New Orleans section, the Edinburgh section, the Me section, and the Family section. I've also added a Friends of the Edinburgh Marshalls photo section and put up both pictures of Skye and an account of my trip to Skye.

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19 April 1999