It may not be the most exciting subject to everyone, but I've spent most of my life (such as it is) doing school work of one sort or another. I'm not trying to present everything I've ever done, but a look at my current work is in order. You can also see some info on my academic background and then some of the academic papers I've written for past courses. I also have a page which describes some of the areas of computer science that I'm interested in.

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I'm a second year TPG student at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland in the UK. TPG stands for Theoretical PostGraduate, which describes either my status or my field of study, theoretical computer science. The TPG curriculum consists of two terms (about 9 weeks each) of courses and then a research project. Depending on whether one is reading for a PhD or an MPhil the time period devoted to research ranges from about a year and a half to (officially) three years. I am reading for an MPhil.

More information on the structure of the course might be gleaned from the pages of the LFCS, or Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science. If you'd like to have a look at what I'm researching, some information and documents can be found here.

For a while I was responsible for LFCS LabLunches. Convening these weekly informal talks is a duty that is supposed to rotate among the first year TPG's. In addition to organizing the talks for a few months, I made a presentation on the topic of the C++ Standard Template Library (now part of the Standard Library). Slides, other information relevant to that talk, and relics of other presentations I've made can be found on the presentations page.

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